300 is Zach Snyderís adaptation of legendary comic book artist and writer Frank Millerís take on the legendary battle between 300 Spartans and the massive Persian army. Millerís graphic novels came out back in 1998, but unlike his SIN CITY stuff, I never read them until just recently.

Unfortunately, I wasnít blown away by the book, although, as always, I totally respect Millerís work, written and drawn. Now that Iíve seen the movie, I have to say, I wasnít really blown away by the movie , either.

Donít get me wrong, visually, itís amazing. Zach Snyder recreates a lot of Millerís art panel for panel. Itís over the top and overly stylized, but here thatís a good thing.
The writing isnít as strong, but then to me it wasnít in the book, either. Snyder actually fleshed out some stuff that was only hinted at in the book, and I think that worked out well. But overall, there isnít a whole lot of story.
I guess all in all though, with this kind of flick, thatís OK.

Gerard Butler is really great as King Leonidas.
Heís really becoming a great actor, and I think he should soon be getter bigger and better roles. But then, I really liked him in THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, so maybe Iím biasedÖ

Lena Headey is also great, here as the Kingís Queen, Gorgo. (Strange name for a lady, no?) Iíve seen her many times before, but this is the best Iíve seen her. Very proud and strong. Who knew she had it in her!

Dominic West is Theron, and he does a good job at being a not so likable guy.

There are also of course, a lot of soldiers, and the actors do good jobs, even if theyíll mostly be remembered for their lack of clothes and ripped abs.
Just be glad they didnít really stick to Millerís book, cuz in it the soldiers were starkers under their cloaks!
Anyway, David Wenham, Vincent Regan, and Michael Fassbender are the stand outs among the warriors, especially Fassbender, whoís totally bad ass!

So I wish I would have enjoyed 300 more, but I still give it mad props for having the balls to be true to the source, and for being so cool to look at!

A -