I really like the fact that Rated R movies are finally starting to look like Rated R movies again.
40 Days And 40 Nights is no exception.

Josh Hartnett stars as a dot-com employee who gives up ANY form of sexual behavior for Lent, a Catholic thing where people give up something they like for 40 days, I guess to honor Jesus’ 40 days of tests at the hands of Satan.
Sheesh, I managed to work Satan into a review about what is essentially a romantic comedy. Maybe I do need help…
Anyway, Hartnett is obsessed with his “ex” (hmmm, can’t say I know what that’s like), played with surprising maliciousness by Vinessa Shaw, who I last saw in CORKY ROMANO. She looks pretty good here...
until we meet Erica, as portrayed by Shannyn Sossamon.
Don’t ask me about her acting because every time she was on screen I was looking at her eyes, her smile…
and at one point looking for her nipple…which I found!
Damn, I really need to get some…Sorry, I forget myself.
So this Shannyn Sossamon turns out to be from Hawaii. I pegged for possibly Indian, or something else exotic, but OK, Hawaiian will do nicely.

So anyway, back to the movie itself.
I was impressed with Josh Hartnett. He keeps making movies I have no interest in (Pearl Harbor, Blackhawk Down), so I’ve never really seen him before, and it turns out he’s very good. Great comedic timing, and a surprising amount of vulnerability.
Despite my earlier attempt at humor, the lovely and talented Ms. Sossamon did a great job here too. The only other movie I know her from is A Knight’s Tale, which I never saw, but may have to see now.

More good performances come from Paul Costanzo and Michael Marona (SLACKERS).
Overall, this movie’s a lot of fun.
It’s definitely not for kids, but I recommend it to anyone looking for a few good laughs and a lot of hot looking ladies!