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Steve Carell is The 40 Year Old Virgin and he is a damn funny guy as well!
This movie is a nice throwback to the raunchy rated R comedy, and damn, some of the language is harsh! Hilarious, but harsh!

Virgin tells the story of Andy, a 40 year old store clerk that has never experienced the sins of the flesh. When his coworker buddies discover this deep, dark secret, they make it their mission to get him a little sum-sum!
But of course, things are never easy, and some seriously funny shit goes down.

But then Andy meets a nice gal, played well by the always awesome Catherine Keener, and so the film takes on the appearance of a romantic comedy. But fear not true believers, the raunchiness is far from over!

Like I said, Steve Carell is really great in this flick. And I of course totally related to a man who essentially lives in a collectibles warehouse, surrounded by a ton of action figures and toys, etc. His coworkers are played very well by Paul Rudd, who plays a love sick psuedo-perv who can’t get over his ex from two years prior; Romany Malco as a slick player who’s very cool, but sorta dominated by his aggressive girlfriend; and Seth Rogan who plays a laid back guy who’s a bit of a slacker, but apparently gets his share of tail as well.
There’s also a great turn by Jane Lynch as the gang’s boss, whose a little weird and sleazy, but delivers a great line: “I’m very discreet, but I’ll haunt your dreams!”.
That’s awesome! I want that to be my new tag line!!!

Virgin was written by Judd Apotow and Carell, and directed by Apotow. This isn’t high art, and it may not even be all that fresh or original. But it IS funny, and Carell should be a big hit after this. He’s already on NBC’s The Office, and he was a regular on Comedy Cental’s The Daily Show. It’s been announced that he’s signed to be Maxwell Smart in a new version of Get Smart, and if handled well, that could be very funny too! Like Timbuk 3 once said, “The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.” Well, Steve Carell must be squinting like crazy right about now!

Oh, and for the record, I once owned an “Oscar Goldman” action figure too!

B +