"There. That was the last of the gates. All entrances and exits are sealed.
Hell is closed."
- Lucifer Morningstar closing up Hell and giving up his job as it's Lord and keeper to Morpheus in the Sandman: Seasons of the Mist storyline.
Sandman was a critically acclaimed comic book series by Neil Gaiman, arguably one of the most gifted writers...EVER.
In that particular storyline, Lucifer (Satan, The Devil, Old Scratch himself) decides he wants to walk the Earth as a mortal. He has Morpheus, The King of Dreams, cut off his leathery wings and turns over the Key to Hell.
Brilliant, powerful stuff.

Weird, this was supposed to be a write up on Gladiator, the new movie starring Russell Crowe.
But instead it's become more incessant babbling by your's truly.
Lucky You.

I guess it's just that the movie got me thinking about how bad humanity can be. I mean, Gladiator was barbaric, and you'd like to think that we've evolved since then, and become much more logical and sophisticated...but have we? I dare so no. Not really...
Humanity scares me. The evil it's capable of. The absolute lack of compassion, remorse or shame.
It's just wrong. I mean, I'm no saint. I can be as cold hearted and unfeeling as the next guy, but I try not to be, you know?
I feel for people. I don't like to see people get hurt, physically or emotionally. That was the main reason I couldn't follow my cousins into the training that led to their careers as Paramedics and Firefighters.
I can't imagine arriving at the scene of an accident and seeing somebody who's gone half insane because the pain they're in is that bad. I just couldn't deal with that.
Maybe I'm just that weak.
Or maybe I'm just being that melodramatic as usual.