Ah. What can I say about Natalie Portman. Well, for one, she's FINALLY legal, so I don't have to worry about facing jail time for my thoughts!
Next I should say that I ONLY saw that summer space epic prequel movie because Natalie Portman wonderfully portrayed the Queen.
Finally I should say that Natalie Portman is just an INCREDIBLE actress.

So my pal Joey (yep, he of Joey's Film Geek Website PLUG-PLUG)went to see a chick flick. It's called Anywhere But Here, and it stars Susan Sarandon as a mother who leaves Smalltown USA for the glitz and glamour of Beverly Hills with her reluctant daughter (the afore-mentioned Uber-Goddess Ms. Natalie Portman!)begrudgingly along for the ride.
Luckily for Joey and I, we are very secure in our masculinity and had no reservations about seeing this movie together...but we did leave the obligatory seat between us empty...

So anyway, this movie wasn't really that great. I mean without the talented Sarandon, and especially the Ultra talented (and beautiful, and sophiticated, etc...) Ms.Natalie Portman, this would just be a Lifetime Movie of the Week.
There's not really much of a story...and I never really felt particularly moved by the script or the direction, but just being able to witness the transcendent performance of the spectacular Ms. Natalie Portman, made this movie well worth the price of admission.
This is definitely her biggest role to date. Bigger even than that of her phenomenal acting debut in Luc Besson's The Professional, which for a twelve year old, was simply AMAZING!

Well, I'm not sure what's next for the illustrious Ms. Natalie Portman. I don't think she will grace us again until the next chapter of that annoying space saga returns in a couple of years. I guess until then she'll just continue being an excellent student at prestigious Harvard University.
God, all that beauty AND talent AND brains too! Just makes ya huh?
Hey, what did ya think I was gonna say you sickos?