This is from a greeting card I received:
"...Eros, The Greek God of Love, and Psyche, the most beautiful of mortals, unite in the heavens where their love conquers all"
Upon reading this, I was inspired to write something...
By the way, the art below was on the card. It's by Josephine Wall, who does some awesome stuff...


Eros, The God of Love needed to get away.
In his realm, his existence was hectic.
Oh yes, it was happy, for after all, he was the God of Love, and love is a very good thing...and Eros had a way of spreading his love throughout his realm, and he did so often, and well.
But he was tired of the Goddesses constantly clamoring for more, and more, and more, so he decided to revisit the Earth realm, where in the body of another, he could just relax and take in the wonders of Earth, which mortals always took for granted. Well, all except Psyche.

Psyche was, by all accounts, the most beautiful of Earth's women, and even by the standards of the Goddesses, she was simply a sight to behold. Eros, The God of Love, knew of love, he WAS love, but he had never known love himself, until he met Psyche.
He was determined to make her a Goddess, but her humility wouldn't allow it. She had a life on Earth that she wasn't ready to leave behind. There were people that she loved and that loved her and needed her, and although she was drawn to Eros, she always chose to remain earth-bound.

Eros roamed the human realm, and decided to make his home in the body of a shy, quiet man that was sitting on a bench reading. The man sat up straight for an instant the moment Eros possessed him, but then went on reading, feeling fine, albeit a little light headed.
Eros, always persistent, decided to guide the man toward the general direction of Psyche, knowing that she'd sense him, and be drawn to him, no matter what form he took. Sure enough, by night time, the two "strangers" came within view of each other. The shy, quiet man looked at Psyche, and was instantly in awe, but obviously would never have the nerve to even consider approaching her. Suddenly, the light headedness came back stronger than before, and he found himself standing directly in front of her.
She gave him a smirk, and said, "it's been a while".
The shy, quiet man couldn't find his voice, but suddenly heard himself saying, "I knew I'd find you...and I knew you'd find me."
Psyche gave him the once over, and said, "hmmm, interesting choice for a vessel this time. Trying to be discreet are we?"
"Exactly", said the voice that came from the shy, quiet man, "but believe me, it's me just the same".
With that he kissed her, a kiss of discovery, a kiss of passion and of love, and he felt that stirring feeling he only felt with Psyche, and Psyche felt that stirring feeling she had almost forgotten she was capable of feeling.

They got in the shy, quiet man's car, and drove to the beach.
Walking hand in hand on the secluded beach, they stopped, embraced, and kissed again.
His passion awoken, Eros, still hidden within the body of the shy, quiet man, held Psyche firmly, and flew up in the air, spiralling slowly, kissing his beloved all the while. There they hovered, in the glow of the full moon, which now seemed to be just beyond the grasp of the enchanted Psyche.
Eros eased them down to the sand slowly, and after assuring her it would be OK, they made love in the moonlight, under a thousand brilliant stars.
When it was over, she looked past the eyes of the shy, quiet man, whose light headedness had given way to a peaceful euphoria, and into the eyes of Eros, the God of Love. And Psyche, the most beautiful of mortals, said, "that almost felt even better than usual.
I don't think you've ever been so dunno. It just felt really nice".
"Actually", replied The God of Love, "I let him take over a couple of times.
If I'm gonna use his body, I might as well let him feel it a little bit, right?"

In a darkened room, on sweaty sheets, a shy, quiet man awakens with a start.
He stumbles over to a mirror, and rubs his face.

He climbs back into bed, a tear slowly rolling down his cheek.
"It was only a dream", he says to himself.
"It was only a dream".