For the record, I hate boxing.
I've never gotten into it. I think it's a throwback to this weird, violent past where people died for sport. I just don't see why anybody would wanna make a career in boxing.
And I'm not crazy about the people who go to the boxing matches either…at least in the movies anyway. The boxing crowds always look kinda sleazy, to say the least. Rich, but sleazy.
Anyway, I've never been a big fan of Muhammad Ali either, but I do remember that sometime in the 70's DC comics put out a Superman Vs Ali comic book. I don't know if I actually had one, but I still get nostalgic over that kinda thing.
I'm also not into the whole political, civil rights thing. I mean I'm for civil rights (duh), but I normally wouldn't go see a movie about that…

All that being said I went to see director Michael Mann's film, Ali just to see what Will Smith could do.
Turns out he can do a lot!
Will Smith really, really kicks ass in this movie. It's like a complete transformation…don't look to see "The Fresh Prince" here. Uh-Uh. Smith has been dramatic before, but this is his moment to shine. I'm not saying he's a lock to win any of the big awards, but he should definitely be nominated.

There's a lot of other people in the movie, but the only other one I wanna mention is Jamie Foxx, because once again, he's a revelation. His role here isn't as big as his role in Any Given Sunday, but his performance may be even more spectacular. He's perfect.

Michael Mann has made a good film here. It didn't blow me away, but it has substance and it's never boring. Like I said I was never into Ali, so I dunno how accurate this movie is, but for great acting all around (not just Smith), it's definitely worth seeing.