I had already started writing this review in my head before the movie even started.
"American Pie was this surprisingly great movie. It didn't need to be messed with.
Leave it alone."

But no, I went ahead and saw American Pie 2, and to my pleasant surprise, I liked it a lot.
Right from the get go, I was laughing heartily, along with the rest of the theater which was pretty filled up considering it was an early matinee showing.

All of the original cast is back here, albeit some in smaller roles.
Jason Bigg's role of Jim seems to have grown a bit; It's still an ensemble piece, but he sorta takes the lead.
All of the acting is great. Seann William Scott, the revolting Stifler, is hilarious. It's like no matter what he does with his face, it just cracks me up. And Fucking A if that boy don't cuss like a fucking sailor!
If I had one complaint it would be that Jim's Dad, again played by the hilarious Eugene Levy, is not in this film nearly enough. Still, whenever he is on screen, he steals the show.

Of the ladies, Alyson Hannigan is the stand out. As spunky Michelle the Band Geek, she is awkward yet cuddly. And as she did in the original as well as in her role as Willow on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, she demonstrates great comedic timing. I'd like to see her in a different role. I think she can go far in this wacky business.

Like I said, I laughed a lot watching American Pie 2. It was a lot of fun, and it was never boring. Hell, it even had some great music. But when all is said and done, it wasn't very necessary, and quite frankly was way too reminiscent of the first.

Still, of this summer's sequels, this is the best.