Mike Myers’ hilarious spy spoof is back for a third go around!
I loved the first two, so would the newest entry, Austin Powers in Goldmember live up to the hype?
Well, nothing could live up to all that hype, but all in all, it’s a funny movie!

Mike Myers is such a funny guy. And I dunno, he seems like a really nice guy too. I’m glad he’s so successful. He’s so talented!
Here he plays four characters, all brilliantly. Very funny stuff.

Beyonce Knowles form the pop group Destiny’s Child is the partner / love interest du-jour, and she’s OK.
Not great, but OK.
She looks great though. Damn.

Michael Caine has always kind of annoyed me.
I’ll leave it at that…except to say that he is a great choice for Austin’s dad…

Then there’s Seth Green. He’s great.
Definitely on my list of favorite character actors.
There’s also a lot of other people in this movie.
You really should see it, it’s funny.
Really silly, and kinda pointless, and definitely preposterous, but funny!
And damn it, that’s how it should be!