OK, I think I'm falling in love with Julia Roberts.
No, wait, scratch that.
I'm not in love with her, but I am in heavy, heavy like.

In America's Sweethearts, Julia Roberts once again shows us why she is so popular.
She is amazingly talented. I mean, she really is just an amazing actress. But then there's also this, thing. There's this thing about her where she just makes you melt, even though she's not "classically" beautiful. I dunno what it is, but she's got it, and it's just brilliant to watch.
But wait, there's more people in this movie, and they all help it to be a very good, very funny movie. Billy Crystal, who also cowrote it, is really great. I've always liked him, and here he reminds me why. He has this natural ability and delivery which always is perfect. Seth Green, Hank Azaria, and Stanley Tucci have small roles, but as usual they're great. As is Christopher Walken, who is hilarious.

John Cusack has the "poor guy" role of having to work with Julia Roberts AND Catherine Zeta Jones. Poor schmuck. I don't really end up seeing a lot of his movies, but I've always liked him. I dunno, he just seems like a cool guy to me, and he's always good. It's funny though, the older he gets, the more I can see a resemblance between him and his sister, Joan. Just thought I'd share that.
Catherine Zeta Jones really impressed me here. She looks amazing as usual, but it's her portrayal of this egocentric primma donna bitch that impressed me. It's very different than her dramatic performance in TRAFFIC, but it's one that I enjoyed more.
But still, the fact that she enjoys regular sex with Michael Douglas really disturbs me…

This movie was a lot of fun. It's a pretty funny send up of Hollywood, albeit way over the top, or so I should hope, and it's a nice romantic comedy too.
So see this movie and see how many times you smile at Julia.