I absolutely loved Get Shorty, a John Travolta, Gene Hackman, Rene Russo movie based on a book by Elmore Leonard. I had never read the book, but saw the movie, loved it, then later went on to read the book.

Now thereís a movie called Be Cool, a sequel to Get Shorty, based on the book sequel, also by Elmore Leonard. Well, hereís the deal. A couple of hours before seeing this movie, I bought the book. Iíll start reading it next (Iím only about half way through with my current book)Öbut I gotta tell you, I hope the bookís better than the movie.

Be Cool once again has John Travolta playing the ultra cool Chili Palmer, who became a movie producer in Get Shorty, but is now headed into the music business. And thatís my main problem with the sequel. Stuff happens involving the music business which is so ridiculously farfetched and unbelievable, that itís almost hard to watch. I was also put off by there being no mention of Rene Russoís character in the sequel, but hey, maybe thatís just the hopeless romantic in me talking. This is not to say I didnít like Be Cool to an extent. I did. But itís definitely a disappointment.

Stealing this movie away from a not nearly as cool as he once was Travolta was a luminous Uma Thurman, a scarily hot Christina Milian , a really annoying but funnily so Vince Vaughn playing the blackest white man ever, Cedric The Entertainer as a highly educated thug cum record producer, and especially a subtly flamboyantly gay bodyguard played by Dwayne ďThe RockĒ Johnson. He does a really great job as Elliot, Vince Vaughnís driver and bodyguard. He should definitely do more smaller, ensemble roles like this before tackling a leading role again.
And did I mention that Christina Milian is scarily hot?
No, seriously, she is.

This movie was adapted by Peter Steinfeld, and like I said, a lot happens Iím just not happy with. Itíll be funny if it turns out when I read the book and discover that Steinfeld did a faithful adaptation. But I canít believe that'll the case.
Be Cool is directed by F. Gary Gray, who I know I should know from plenty of stuff, but I canít think of anything heís done. But he did a good job.
The storyís what doesnít work here for me.

B -