Brendan Fraser is very good at comedy.
In Bedazzled, Fraser plays a likable dork who tries way too hard to be part of the crowd.
His character, Elliot Richards, would do anything to hook up with a coworker that doesn't even know he exists.
Suddenly, he finds a way to get just what he wants…all he has to do is sell his soul to the Devil.

Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub…call the Lord of Flies what you want…but don't call him Mister.
In Bedazzled, Satan takes the (oh so shapely) form of Elizabeth Hurley!
She is also very good at comedy…though not as good as Fraser. I also have a problem with how she speaks…she has a British accent, which is a major plus, BUT she has a strange voice. Maybe she's actually a guy?
Nah, she's way too hot for that…

Bedazzled is directed by Harold Ramis, who has been better, especially in the classic Groundhog Day. It's a pretty run of the mill movie, but Ramis does throw in some cool visuals.

Brendan Fraser is excellent in this movie. He plays many different characters, and he does them all well, even if his Spanish is really, really bad. One thing that did annoy me is that one of the characters you see in the TV commercials is not in the movie at all, unless it came on late during the end credits, which I didn't sit through all the way.

Frances O'Connor plays Fraser's dream girl, Allison. I don't think I've ever seen her before, but I thought she did a great job. She actually pulled off the multiple characters as well as Fraser did…and she spoke decent Spanish to boot!

Bedazzled is pretty much a fluff piece, but in a lot of ways, it handled superficially some pretty deep concepts…Good and Evil, wrong and right, etc. It even managed to throw in a quickie homage to Dudley Moore and Peter Finch, the writers and stars of the original movie from the '60's…but I won't tell you how…