I don't think I've seen this since I first wrote it in June of 97!
It's definitely from my Vampire craze...which I never fully outgrew...

Her eyes
They pierce my very soul

Just one look
She's in complete control

I'm under her spell
Of this I've no doubt

She'll get her way
With but a pout

Like a piece of string
I'm wrapped around her finger

Doing all that I can
To possibly please her

She's all I live for
My Angel in Black

Her breath on my face
Her nails on my back

I bend to her will
Like a rubber toy

I obey every word
Like a little boy

But when it comes time to feed
And she yearns for my neck

I play with her blood lust
And earn her respect

I offer but a finger
For her to wet her lip

The tease drives her crazy
She wants a bigger sip

When it finally seems
That she can wait no more

Then I reach over
To the one that I adore

I offer myself to her
And she answers me in kind

My blood splashes her tongue
My thoughts invade her mind

We penetrate each other
Our bodies mesh as one

And in this state we will stay
Until the dawning of the sun