I didn't want to see this movie.
I saw the trailer and thought, "Russell Crowe…don't really like him.
Jennifer Connelly…mmmm, yummy, but I'll wait for Hulk.
Ed Harris…whatever."
But I went and saw A Beautiful Mind…and while I can't really say I truly enjoyed it, I did appreciate it.

Directed well and creatively by Ron Howard (although I will never really forgive him for THE GRINCH), A Beautiful Mind is the true story of John Nash, a Princeton professor and an all around genius. Let me tell you something, I admire intelligence in people, but I'm kinda leery of the geniuses…people that smart are just plain spooky. Most of the people depicted in this movie are of that spooky variety.

Let me also say that I'm glad I didn't live in the 40's and 50's…I could never have survived in a time where everybody wore suits all the time. I don't even own a jacket, and damn it, that's fine with me!
What am I going on about?

Anyway, so no, I didn't wanna see this movie, but I was impressed.
Much of the reason was Russell Crowe. I think he did a great job. For whatever reason, he's some kind of heartthrob, but this role is very NON-glamorous. It's all about acting here, and while I don't think he deserved the Oscar for Gladiator, I understand nominations here. Also, though this is a credit to the make up artists, he ages well throughout the flick.

Jennifer Connelly is a very beautiful woman, but here, as in the dark drama, REQUIEM FOR A DREAM she shows that she is a fine actress capable of much range. She's definitely come a long way from her early role in the kinda weird but kinda cool Labyrinth opposite David Bowie. And like I said before, she will be in the upcoming Incredible Hulk movie from Ang Lee.

I have to mention one other co-star…Paul Bettany, and actor I've never seen before, is also in this movie. This man looks exactly like the male version of Rosmary's Baby -era Mia Farrow. What's up with that?
OH, and in the movie he has a niece played by young Vivien Cardonne that I think looked like a dark Alice from Alice in Wonderland.
You know, I have a bad cold…I really think the medication is affecting me.

So yeah, go ahead and see A Beautiful Mind.
I hope you go in knowing as little as I did about the film. You might be pleasantly surprised…