WARNING: There may be what can be considered spoilers ahead...

Last night was the premiere of MY most anticipated new TV show, Birds Of Prey, on The WB. As a former comic book geek / fanboy (who's never really stopped being one, just kinda stopped buying them)I love the idea of comic book related movies and TV shows.
Well, as excited as I was about the premiere, I was also worried because I know I'm hard to please and I knew the show would be very different from the comic book itself (not that I'm that familiar with it specifically) and from the DC Comics Universe as a whole.
Well, overall, I was pretty satisfied.
In the show, Huntress, Helena Kyle, is the daughter of a murdered Catwoman and a self-exiled Batman. I'm OK with that, but why she's a "metahuman", I don't get.
What makes Batman so fascinating is that he is the ultimate human being...
He has no special powers or abilities, but has trained himself to the absolute limits that a human can achieve. As for Catwoman, I'm not all that familiar with her versions...but I always remember her as a smart, athletic, but absolutely human female.
Oracle, Barbara Gordon, was perfectly portrayed. Just like in the classic comic by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland (the best Joker artist on the planet!)Barbara is Batgirl until the Joker shoots her, leaving her paralyzed. Thus the wheelchair bound Gordon becomes Oracle, surrounded by computers and databases... a sort of super-central-information babe.
It's kind of insulting to refer to her as babe, but wow, that Dina Meyer that plays her on the show is beautiful!
The biggest departure on the show was Dinah Lance. She is known as the Black Canary in the DCU, and she’s a kick butt heroine. On the show she’s a teen with psychic power, and at least so far was not referenced at Black Canary at all…
Also in the mix is one Dr. Harleen Quinzel, as played by Mia Sara.
I've always liked Mia Sara, but I'm a little concerned about this character.
She seems to be nothing like her DCU character, which shortens her name to Harley Quinn, and is kinda wacky, like her sometimes paramour, The Joker...
And it was nice to see Alfred. Yeah, that Alfred…
With Bruce Wayne “missing”, he has some time to help out the ladies.
He also narrated the beginning of the 70 minute premiere episode. That whole beginning, I have to admit, was kinda cheesy.
But you know what, despite all the changes, even at it’s worst, I still found Birds Of Prey to be better than the last two Batman movies.