See, whenever I see something for the wrong reason, it hardly ever works in my favor.
Take Bruce Almighty, for example. I really had no interest in seeing it.
But I had the day off, and all my other plans (ahem) were still not etched in stone.
I went and saw it.

Now, the problem with Bruce Almighty is three-fold.
First, the commercials are kinda misleading, because itís not really a wacky comedy.
Secondly, or is it just plain second, I dunno, but the premise of man becoming God is way too deep and huge to wrap around what amounts to a romantic comedy. I mean, the potential for a really good film about this premise is obviously there, and one might already exist, but sadly this movie does not live up to that potential at all.
And third, this movie just isnít that good anyway. Itís pretty slow, and not all that funny, even in itís best moments. Jim Carrey ties his darndest to combine old school wacky Jim, with more recent semi-serious-subtle Jim, and it only works about half the time. He is still funny though, but maturity has sorta stolen the thunder from his wacky side. Now when he looks too goofy, you just sorta wanna tell him to act his age.
Jennifer Aniston does a nice job with what I think was a little more than just the ďlove interestĒ, but itís still not all that much of a role, and prolly any number of early-thirtysomething actresses could have filled it.
Youíve seen the commercials, so you know Morgan Freeman is God, and thatís pretty great casting. He always has a sort of reassuring presence on screen, so this role works nicely for him. They still didnít do as much with the role as they could have, but they tried.

Oh, but I forgot to mention, JAGís Catherine Bell is also in this movieÖ

Tangent Warning, cause Iím going off on one.
It canít be easy to make a movie. Itís like, how dare I disparage a movie, and itís makerÖ
I mean, it aint like I can do any better, even if I really tried, which I really havenít.
But itís not an easy, and basically, any movie should get an A for effort.
Or at least a B.

I kinda liked the way they handled prayer in the movie, but they really only just touched on it. In a deep, dramatic flick, that could have been expanded on nicelyÖ
Oh shit, another tangentÖ
Do you pray?
I mean, Iím not even asking if you have ďfaithĒ?
I donít even know if I do or not, but I never pray. Not really anyway.
I mean, sometime I do a really selfish, blasphemous version of prayer, we all doÖĒoh, please, oh please, let me make the lightĒ, or ďoh please, oh please, let her skirt blow upĒ, but I mean real praying, for non-selfish things.
Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again, religion is a weird subject for me.

So now that Iíve let my mind wander, Iíll sum it all up by saying that Bruce Almighty is a disappointment. Itís not terrible, and as a rental, it might work nicely on a lazy Sunday afternoon, but you donít wanna pay full price for this one.