OK, this one's just for the kiddies.
That being said, Cats & Dogs is still an enjoyable movie.

I was hoping that Cats & Dogs would be the kind of family flick that kids would love, but would also have some jokes for the adults too. Well, unfortunately for me, that wasn't really the case. It's pretty much one hundred percent kid friendly.
But that's OK.
It's really cute, and at times, pretty funny.

Jeff Goldblum, Elizabeth Perkins, Alexander Pollack, and Miriam Margolyes are the only humans in the movie really, with Goldblum's character being a scientist that seems a bit too much like Rick Moranis' "Honey, I …did this and that" series character for my liking.
You know, after Big, I really woulda figured Elizabeth Perkins would have had more of a career…

But this movie belongs to, well, the cats and dogs.
The adorable Beagle pup is voiced by next year's Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire.
I really like him as an actor, and even here, he does a bang up job.
Alec Baldwin provides the voice for Butch, the canine troop leader. I'm kinda ashamed to say I didn't realize it was him until I saw the credits.
I also didn't peg Joe Pantoliano as Peek, a really ugly surveillance dog. I mean ugly in a cute way. You know, those dogs with no hair, except for the white shag on the head?
Rounding out the dog troop is Michael Clark Duncan.
Him I recognized immediately…

The cats were led by the notorious Mr Tinkles, as brilliantly voiced by Sean Hayes.
Hayes plays the flamboyantly gay Jack on NBC's Will and Grace, and it's kinda ironic that though he plays a male cat, Miriam Margolyes' maid character constantly dresses him in little girly outfits…
Anyway, Hayes is very funny, both with the lines he was given, and the way he delivers them.

Written and directed by people I just don't know about, Cats and Dogs will definitely be a hit with kids. It's sweet, witty, clever, and of course shows suburbia in all it's splendor.
Why is it every house in movies is always so pristine and whitebread America?
Sorry, I have issues…
Anyway, yeah, go ahead and see Cats & Dogs.