OK, Spanglish 101:
There's a Spanish expression, or maybe it's specifically a Cuban expression, that's said when watching something ridiculously unbelievable. "Que Paquete!".
Well, Charlie's Angel is a "paquete"...and because of that it's an AWESOME movie!

I really didn't want to see Charlie's Angels. I was actually looking forward to seeing Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, but instead I saw Angels.
It was probably for the best. Charlie's Angel has this incredible energy from beginning to end. Directed by McG, the video director that did the two big hits for Smash Mouth among a lot of others, does a really great job here!
There is a lot of action, all of which is so over the top it makes your head spin, but you just go with it because it just feels right. The movie also doesn't hide from it's corny TV past. In fact, it relishes in it! It's just a really well thought out, fun flick that's always entertaining.

In terms of the acting, well, everyone is perfect. My favorite has to be Drew Barrymore, but that's really only because I think she's so incredibly lickable (whether she's thick or not). Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz are both perfect in their roles too, but while Lucy has an awesome body, Cameron didn't seem particularly attractive to me in the flick. Damn, I'm pretty fucking picky for such a short, fat, bald and ugly bastard, huh?

The movie also had Bill Murray as Bosley, along with Tim Curry, Sam Rockwell, Kelly Lynch, and another surprise to me, Crispin Glover. First Nurse Betty, now Charlie's Angels. You go Crispin! You rule!
I really woulda liked to see cameos by the TV Angels, but for whatever reason, none of them were there. Shame really.

I highly recommend you totally suspend your disbelief and check Charlie's Angels out.
You won't regret it.