Even to people with out cable TV, Steve Irwin, the host and star of Crocodile Hunter, is a popular personality. His thick Australian accent, and his crazy, mind boggling antics with wild animals have endeared him to many a household. His wife Terri is almost as crazy as he is, but has become a sort of voice of reason on the show, explaining what it is he’s doing, and reminding people how dangerous it is.

His popularity being what it is, it was almost inevitable that he’d end up on the big screen.
And here’s the result, Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course.
How was it? Well, it was exactly what you’d expect, a brainless vehicle designed purely to show off and capitalize on the Irwins’ inimitable charm.
But even with a completely implausible throwaway plot, it’s very entertaining.

Steve Irwin is not an actual actor, but obviously he’s a natural born ham. His love for the animals he displays is so genuine, and the risks he takes to get right in their faces so insane, that watching him is a lot of fun. Watching this movie, and I guess this would be a credit to the writers, was like watching one of Irwin’s TV shows. He speaks right to the camera, and then there’s the occasional voice over by himself or his wife. When the plot of the movie affects the Irwins, it’s dealt with in the same manner that the show is shot, so it never really feels like there’s acting going on.
Terri has a little more acting to do, but mostly in terms of facial reaction shots to her husband’s peril, and to one big, bird eating spider!
There’s also a part where she takes of her uniform shirt, revealing an undershirt, and a frighteningly buff torso.

The plot itself is sub-par to say the least, but nobody went into this flick expecting high drama, so that’s OK. The rest of the cast isn’t bad, but really, the star of this flick is Steve Irwin. Don’t expect him to become an “actor” now, but I expect that his popularity will continue to rise.