Wallace and Grommitt won an Oscar, but I never saw it.
I've seen a little bit of their work on other "shorts", most notably a very witty examinations of animals at a zoo.
I'm speaking about the creators of Chicken Run, Peter Lord and Nick Park. Chicken Run is their most main stream, most American accessible production yet, and it's a lot of fun.

The movie takes place in a chicken farm, where the chickens, led by the savvy Ginger, are trying to get out before they become dinner.
To the rescue hesitantly comes Rocky The Flying Rooster, as voiced by Mel Gibson. Um, that would be the American connection; All the other voices are British and such.
Miranda Richardson from Sleepy Hollow and the surprisingly good TV miniseries, Merlin, provides the voice for Ms Tweedy. Ms Tweedy is a lot like that evil bitch from Sweeny Todd.
Or maybe it's just me. I dunno, I'm weird that way.

This film is really fun, escapist entertainment. It's mostly for kids, but the older folks among us will appreciate some of the wit.
Also, in an age where cutting edge special effects dominate the screen, it's kinda cool to see good old fashioned claymation.
So go see this's finger licking good!
UGH, sorry, I know that was pathetic, but I couldn't help it!