in IMAX 3D

Robert Zemeckisí take on A Christmas Carol is the darkest kidsí movie I ever remember seeing. There are some amazing visuals in it, and some attempts at amazing visuals with varying levels of success. Overall, itís an enjoyable take on Charles Dickenís yuletide classic.

Jim Carrey stars as Ebenezer Scrooge (and about a hundred other characters), and he gets to cut loose and just go crazy. Sure itís a voice over role, but the motion capture process basically films Carrey doing most of the physical stuff too. So yeah, Carrey goes off. But heís really good.
Scrooge has a great look. The artists really went all out to give him a unique, extremely expressive look.

My problem with the movie is that everybody else looks kind of creepy to me. Yes, you can recognize Colin Firth, Bob Hoskins, and especially Gary Oldman, but they look so creepy. And kinda distorted and weird. OK, maybe thatís just my opinion, but me thinks Iím entitled to it. Their voice over work is fine, though.

My biggest problem with the flick has to be how Zemeckis and crew envisioned The Ghost of Christmas Past. Sorry if this is a spoiler, but itís a candle. A big candle with pretty much Jim Carreyís face in the flame. And a really annoying voice. Sorry. Fail.

Like I said, this is a dark movie. Jacob Marleyís iconic chain rattling spirit is pretty damn creepy, and at one point looks more zombie than ghost. And heís loud. Very, very loud. Great scene, but damn, kids will be spooked. Thereís other dark stuff, but I wonít give them away. Thereís also a short socio-political speech that comes out of left field, IMHO. But oh well. I guess Zemeckis had something to say. Then again, most of Dickenís books were socio-politcal statements in one way or another, soÖ
Of course the movie also has plenty of lighthearted moments, and some really spectacular looks at Dickensian England. A lot of the movie just looks beautiful.

Is A Christmas Carol a GOOD movie? I donít really know. Is it impressive? Yes. Is it enjoyable? Yeah, I think so. Is it necessary to see it in the IMAX setting? Hmmm. I donít think so. I think it did make good use of the 3D aspect, so if you have a choice to see it in 2D or 3D, go with 3D. Enjoy.

B +