So I saw the new version of the cheesy but beloved classic Clash of the Titans. I saw it in 2D, which I hear is the preferred viewing mode for the movie, because it wasn’t shot in 3D. No, it was actually retro-fitted to be seen in 3D after the fact, and apparently, it doesn’t really work. Now, in any format, this new version has been relatively maligned, but I have to say, I liked it.

Sam Worthington continues his slow attempt to take over the world as the lead here, Perseus. It’s not AVATAR , but it’s a nice notch on his resume. He does a nice job as a sincere and noble Demi-God, the unwilling son of Zeus. Liam Neeson does an OK job as Zeus, but he just doesn’t seem…Godly to me. And the suit of armor(?) looks…weird. I think he seemed more Godly as a voice of a Lion in the Narnia flicks. Ralph Fiennes plays the bad guy, again, but hey, as Hades he actually has a nose. Suck it, Voldemort! Anyway, he’s pretty good in it, too. Oh and Jason Fleyming plays Calibos, the sort of villain / victim guy, and as always, he brings some class to whatever movie (even cheesy ones) he’s in.

I was about to ask why Danny Huston was in this in such a tiny role (Poseidon, who gets like no screen time), but hey, maybe he had fun wearing the weird armor(?) suit and wig.

Gemma Arterton plays Io, and I don’t remember if that character was even in the first movie, but while her acting was fine at best, she blew me away for other reasons. Dayum.

While the classic version lives on in our nostalgia craving hearts, obviously, it was seriously cheesy. This new version, while not without cheese, is so metal. It really looks like a metal video. The score isn’t metal, but it’s pretty good. But yeah, this movie has a lot of awesome visuals. Uh, the ultra-gleaming armor(?) suits of the Gods? Not awesome! But the darker stuff? Nice!
I loved Calibos’ lair. I loved the Underworld. I wasn’t crazy about the Stygian witches, but still, very metal. Oh and Charon the Ferryman…interesting!

All in all, director Louis Letterier did a good job. He previously did a good job with INCREDIBLE HULK, and now there’s talk he’s going back to the Marvel Universe for another flick. I say GOOD!

B +