You know, I barely remember Clerks, the Indy classic that put Kevin Smith on the map and also introduced us to Jay and Silent Bob, who have gone on to become pop culture icons. I know I liked Clerks, but I don’t know if I was blown away by it.
Well, I don’t wanna say I was blown away by Clerks II (which was going to be called The Passion Of The Clerks, which I thought rocked!), but I definitely loved this movie!

Kevin Smith is back on top of his game with this incredibly vulgar gem, set roughly 10 years after the original. Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson are back as Dante and Randal, the original clerks from the first movie. They’ve had to move over to Mooby’s, a fast food joint, after their jobs at the Quick Stop go up in flames. Rosario Dawson plays their boss. The two leads are actually very good, even though, like I always say about the Harry Potter kids, there’s a rawness to them that makes them seem more real and less like professional actors. But with Smith’s words to spit out, they are just perfect in there roles. Ms Dawson is a great actress, and I love the fact that she’s in this movie. She could probably be doing bigger, higher end movies, but here she is in a relatively small movie, and kicking ass. She’s really great in this movie, and as usual, very yummy.

It was good to see Jason Mewes back as Jay (to Smith’s Silent Bob). Mewes is extremely natural, even if completely unconventional. I heard he’s going to be in a romantic comedy of sorts, as the lead! I gotta see what that’s about!

Trevor Ferhman was hilarious as Elias, the nerdy, Christian Mooby’s employee. His delivery was great, but I would swear somebody else acts just like that, but I can’t remember who. But yeah, funny guy!

There are also cameos from three longtime Smith collaborators.
Well, one’s not really a longtime collaborator, but he was in Mall Rats, the other two are definitely Smith cohorts, though both are very well known on their own. Smith’s wife is also in the movie, as she was in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. I like that he uses the same people a lot. Cool.

This movie definitely isn’t for everyone.
Personally, I feel it’s kind of sweet despite it’s vulgarities.
I don’t feel you HAD to see the first one to get this one, but come on, everybody should see the first one at least once, right? But this movie’s vulgarity would definitely be offensive to many, many people. Possibly like the irresponsible Latin grandmother who wouldn’t get off the fucking phone while her rather young granddaughter watched this movie. Why the Hell they were in there is beyond me, but Jesus, she was annoying. Anyway, inconsiderate, dense woman finally figured out she should probably take the girl outta there by the time the “inter species erotica” got started…
So anyway, if you can handle extremely raunchy dialogue, by all means, see this movie!