Seeing the trailer for Dr Dolittle 2 made me wanna see it.
Unfortunately, like many of Hollywood's comedies, the best parts ARE in the trailer.

That's not to say that Dr Dolittle 2 isn't fun and entertaining, it certainly is.
It's just that it's more of a Sunday afternoon on cable / video/ DVD type of movie, than a go out to see kind of movie.

Eddie Murphy reprises his role as the doctor with the ability to speak to animals. He did a good job with what he was given. It's a pretty family friendly role, but occasionally he gets a look on his face that reminds you of the old school Eddie Murphy that made people laugh hard. I dunno how much actual interaction takes place between him and the animals, but it's all done very convincingly.

Lucky the Dog is back too, again voiced by Norm McDonald, who's recognizable sarcastic tone is very funny.
There are tons of small animal voice cameos in the film as well, but I don't wanna give those away.

The biggest animal star in the film is Archie the Bear, voiced by Steve Zahn.
He's actually very funny. His tone and voice worked very well with the superbly trained bear's actions.
It's almost as if the filmmakers decided the story really didn't matter as much having all the animals behave in a cute manner.
Sounds cheesy, but it works fine.

The movie also has to have "bad guys", so two great character actors, Kevin Pollack and Jeffrey Jones, are in the movie in roles that I really feel are beneath them.
But hey, maybe they just wanted to be in a family flick. Especially one that should make a decent amount of $$$.

As long as you're not expecting a great movie, Dr Dolittle 2 should be a good time for you.