I originally wrote this in 1995...then tried to spruce it up for a Creative Writing assignment. Some of the characters in this story are Property of DC Comics...


In my 32 years, I had never seen one of such beauty. Her eyes captivated me at once. Big, black eyes that sparkled with sweet innocence, while also expressing a certain maturity and sophistication. Her luxurious black hair fell seductively at her shoulders. She had a lovely smile that was warm and inviting, yet almost appeared almost regal. Strange though, I would swear that she wore black lipstick…but surely that was a trick of the light. I'll never forget the look of her skin for it was pure alabaster…was this a porcelain doll that stood before me? No. While quite diminutive in stature, this was surely a living creature that moved with such swift grace before me. Her black gown rustled softly as she made her way lightly through the crowd. I simply had to approach her.

Oh the audacity for one such as myself to try and speak with the belle of the ball. I couldn't help myself. It was as though she beckoned me, like the mythic sirens, calling helpless seamen to their deaths. In hindsight, an ironic choice of words.

All eyes were upon her, hence I made haste, less some other gentlemen approach her first. I extended my hand, and introduced myself. She said she was charmed, but did not offer a name in return. I didn't ask, figuring if things went well, I would find out eventually. My heart sank when she told me she was there to meet someone. I intended to bid her adieu, and turn quickly in defeat, but she rested her hand upon my arm and asked me how I was so sure that it wasn't I that she was there to meet. I could hardly contain my wide eyed grin upon hearing those fateful words, but I also felt a sudden sense of dread. What was going on here? Why would this lovely woman want anything to do with me? I had so many questions! However, I ignored them all. Even if this was all too good to be true, at present it was in fact true, and I had to see what would happen next.

We went for a walk in the gardens. The Constantines did have quite an estate you know. As we walked in the moonlight her raven hair shone spectacularly. I tried to question her…who she was, where she was from? But she always managed to turn everything around and get more and more information from me! Soon enough she knew everything that there was to know about me. Even though I was hardly the most interesting person at the gala, she wore that lovely smile throughout the conversation. I couldn't help but ponder how easy it would be to fall in love with such a beautiful woman.

As the night drew to a close, she suddenly excused herself. The evening had been so wonderful, what had gone wrong? Could I call on her? Would I ever see her again? I questioned her but she merely said that she must be off. Then she turned briefly and told me that we would meet again. Before I could respond, she walked away.

She was still in my thoughts as I rode home in my carriage. Suddenly my carriage was ambushed by masked highway men! Instead of just giving them what they wanted, I foolishly tried to fight. I cursed myself as the cold blade entered my flesh. Dark blood spilled out onto my white shirt and gray trousers. As I clumsily fell to the ground, the highway men hastily rode off. My valet, an older man I wouldn't have expected to fight to protect me, kneeled by my side, attempting to comfort me and offering to ride out for help. I bid him go, although I knew it would be of no use.

With what I was sure were my dying breaths, I lifted my head and saw her. She had seemingly appeared out of the shadows. Suddenly it was all so clear. She was but my Dark Angel of Death. As I lay there facing the unknown, I felt oddly at peace. If anything I could say that she had kept her word. We had indeed met again, and I died a happy man for it.

The End