Adam Sandler is always hit or miss.
I mean heís usually likable, and his movies always get at least a few laughs, but sometimes they can be pretty weak. LITTLE NICKY comes to mind.
But Iím very happy to report that Mr. Deeds is a really fun movie.

Adam Sandler is very likable in this movie, because he doesnít try to do a funny voice. He really should stop with the voices. Heís really funny here, and the story is stupid, simple, and predictable, but itís very funny.
Winona Ryder is very hot. I dunno if she really is a thief. Or maybe sheís a klepto, but I donít care. Sheís a pretty good actress, and sheís hot!

Peter Gallagher is good as an asshole.
Is he always playing assholes?
Well, heís good at it.
Erick Avari is a very funny and talented character actor.
And you know I like character actors!
Allen Covert is pretty funny, and I think that itís cool that heís in almost all of Sandlerís movies!
The same can be said for Peter Dante, although his "make up" here isnít very effective.
I think the best thing about this movie is John Turturro, who steals every scene heís in. He can do serious drama, but heís very funny too.

Iím rushing through this review because Iím at work and I just snuck a two and a half hour lunch to see this movie. I hope Hollywood appreciates my efforts!
But this is a funny movie.
If youíre expecting Casablanca, well, youíre stupid.
But itís a good time.