ďThe evil that men do goes on and onÖĒ
- Iron Maiden

You know, thereís a reason I donít watch mafia / organized crime movies.
Theyíre brutal examples of just how evil MAN can be.

Martin Scorceseís The Departed has many scenes illustrating just that point, and though the movie isnít particularly graphic, itís still stomach wrenching and hard hitting. I think I literally felt empty inside by the time it was over.

I donít wanna give anything away, even though nowadays ads, movie posters, and the gosh darn internets practically give you everything, so Iíll just say this movie is about cops, criminals, and undercover types. As directed by Scorsese from a script by William Monahan, this remake of a Hong Kong hit, The Departed features an incredible cast being, well, incredible.

Leonardo DiCaprio stars in his 3rd Scorcese flick in a row, GANGS OF NEW YORK and THE AVIATOR,and he is awesome. Heís a really great actor, and I think this is the best Iíve ever seen him. Matt Damon is for lack of better term, co-lead, and heís amazing too. I loved his accent and totally bought it. In fact, Iím glad this movie was set in Boston, because agreeing to see a mob flick is one thing, but agreeing to seeing an Italian mob flick would be very hard for me to do. Uh, no offense or anythingÖ

Jack Nicholson is good in The Departed, but Iíve heard the complaint that heís being his typical character, and though I think heís a little more subdued than usual, and more somber, I can see why people would say that. Still I liked him in it. I also really, really liked both Alec Baldwin and Mark Wahlberg. Both had smaller roles, but both stole whatever scene they were in. Very, very good stuff. Martin Sheen is also very good in what is also a relatively small, but pivotal role. Also very good was an actor named Ray Winstone who played Mr French, one of Nicholsonís associates. Not very familiar with him, but he did a great job.
Finally, also doing a great job and looking very nice, I might add, is Vera Farmiga. She was on the short lived TV series Touching Evil and ha been in quite a few features. Great actress and very nice to look atÖ

There was a certain energy to this movie. Itís so intense, I think I was at the edge of my seat for most of the movie. At two and a half hours long, I never felt bored. Like I said before, the movie isnít that graphic, but that doesnít mean the violence isnít shocking, at least to a wus like me. The world depicted in The Departed is absolutely frightening. I canít fathom it existing ďin real lifeĒ, but I guess it basically does. Not a happy little movie, not by a long shot, but Iím glad I saw it.
Great movieÖ