Clerks. Mallrats. Chazing Amy. Let's face it, I LOVE Kevin Smith movies. The man is just a great, funny screenwriter! He's just a cool guy overall too. I mean he writes great movies; He write's comics (but unfortunately for me, he waited until I dropped that particular vice to pick up the pen!); Hell, he even named his daughter Harley Quinn Smith, after the ever cool character from the Batman Animated Series!
So finally, after a WHOLE LOT of controversy over it's subject matter, and those pussies at Disney backing away from an awesome talent because of the Almighty dollar (well, I don't blame Disney TOO just know some seriously pathetic fucks would picket Disney theme parks if they had distributed the movie), Dogma finally hit the big screen.
Well, let's just say good things come to those who wait!

With Dogma, Kevin Smith has outdone himself as a screenwriter! I never would have thought that was possible after the hilariously funny Chasing Amy, but it is! Dogma is a GREAT fucking movie! It has a solid plot (which WILL offend the theologically minded...and I say AMEN to that!)It has a great cast...I mean Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Linda Fiorentino, Chris Rock, Salma Hayek, and others, including the return of Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith himself as the always hilarious Jay & Silent Bob. Now that's a great cast! There are also some casting surprises. So I'll shut up about that now.

I would have to say that the acting stand-out would have to be Ben Affleck. Here's another pretty boy who likes to piss off guys by being a great actor on top of the fact that he can bang whoever he wants. But as always with a Kevin Smith movie, it's not so much about the acting or the direction, which IS Smith's weak point. I mean, I'm OK with his directing, but even he acknowledges he's no Speilberg. No, with Smith it's all about dialogue. Whether it has you cracking up, or as is the case with Dogma, it has you thinking, it's always perfect.

No matter what you feel about religion, this is just a very enjoyable movie. I would actually venture to say that it's not anti-religion at all. In fact, I think it paints a better picture of religion than many people nowadays actually have.
They should see it...and so should you.