Hello my name is AJ, and I love vampires.
I read books about them.
I listen to songs about them (and by them sometimes).
And I've seen countless movies about them.
It's actually pretty rare to get to go and see a vampire movie at a theater. They seem to abound on video, but Hollywood seems a little reluctant to produce and release them theatrically.
Well, luckily for me, Dimension Films decided to produce Dracula 2000, "Presented" by Wes Craven, which seems to me to be just a cheap way to capitalize on the director's Scream franchise success.
Well, what do I know, maybe Craven did actually have a hand in some of the development of Dracula 2000.
Unfortunately, it may not have been enough.
I understand that this is not a good movie, but as a vampire freak there was enough good in it to like it.
Directed by Patrick Lussier, Dracula 2000 stars Gerard Butler as the grandfather of all vampires. Butler has a certain look to him, but I don't think he looked "cool" enough to be THE vampire. Still I thought he did a pretty good job with some pretty cheesy dialogue.

The venerable Christopher Plummer slums it here as an old patriarchal collector type who teams up with his young apprentice, Johnny Lee Miller to stop old Drac. Plummer must have just needed a check, but I think his character had an interesting if not totally unbelievable story.
Miller did a great job.
Or maybe I'm just a sucker for a Brit accent…

The three "Brides" as it were…or three "sisters", I've heard them described as both, were played by, and yeah, I guess this could be considered a spoiler, but hey, if the ads show it, fuck it:
Jeri Ryan, the ultra hot Seven of Nine from TV's Star Trek Voyager, in a PATHETIC role. Poor girl, she's SO hot, but the role, and her performance, kinda bit it.
Jennifer Esposito, formerly of TV's Spin City did a pretty good job. It's kinda hard to see her as a vamp because of her complexion, but still she delivered a nice performance…
And Colleen Fitzpatrick. Ok, she's hot. She's a singer too…better known as Vitamin C, who does really shitty music that I can't appreciate at all. But as Lucy, she did a great job.

The best of the bunch in Dracula 2000 was Justine Waddell.
I have no idea who she is or where she's from, but as the "damsel in distress", she was great…and she's pretty hot, in an innocent girl next door kinda way.
I liked her story…who knows, maybe we'll see more…

OK, so most people won't like Dracula 2000.
It doesn't know what it wants to be…sophisticated adult horror, or teen fad shlock horror.
At times it seems like a combination of scripts from both genres.
But I liked it.
Vampires are fun.