Iím really glad I saw Dragonfly, but that in no way means it was a very good movie. This is basically a Lifetime Movie Of The Week, but with a BIG star, Kevin Costner, as the lead. Iím so disrespectfulÖwho am I to mock Kevin Costner with my usual dripping sarcasm?

I was hoping Dragonfly would be along the lines of THE OTHERS, or maybe even THE SIXTH SENSE, but at most itís a weaker Ghost with a slight twist.
I mean, for me, it works as a love story, but then again Iím the worlds biggest hopeless romantic. Also, Costnerís significant other in the film is Susanna Thompson, a woman I have always found extremely attractive, whether she plays the evil Borg Queen on Star Trek: The Next Generation , a cop stalker on NYPD Blue, or her current TV role as the ex-wife on Once and Again. Itís not much of a role for her here, with a combined screen time of maybe 15 minutes, but itís nice to see her on the big screen.
Also in the film are Kathy Bates and Linda Hunt, because every movie should have really talented actresses who just happen to be very strange looking. What happened to Kathy bates anyway? She blew every one away with Misery, but hasnít done too much of note since.

Anyway, like I said, Iím glad I saw Dragonfly, but thatís really for personal reasons which I have no good reason to divulge here. Anyway, I think maybe Costner should stick to supporting roles. His last starring vehicles have been box office duds, but his supporting role in Thirteen Days earned him some praise.
OK, enough rambling.
You can see Dragonfly if you want to, but you may as well wait for the rentalÖ