I’m writing this on Sunday 10/23/05, the night we expect to begin to feel the effects of Hurricane Wilma. I usually like to post reviews the night I see a movie, or the next night at the latest. But nature might cause me to wait until Tuesday 10/25 before I can post.
Using this unfamiliar laptop while I ride out the storm at my girlfriend’s place will probably also cause this to be a short review, even by MY standards…

Elizabethtown, written and directed by Cameron Crowe is a sweet, well meaning but occasionally misguided movie about a guy trying to make sense of his world, which has changed completely in a very short amount of time. Part romantic comedy, part coming of age flick, and part dramedy, this flick has some great moments, and some great scenes of dialogue, but unfortunately in this case, the parts ARE better than the sum.

Orlando Bloom stars in this flick, and while he’s got room to grow, he does a pretty good job as the overwhelmed guy with all sorts of issues to deal with. On his way to a family gathering, he meets a very interesting flight attendant played by Kirsten Dunst. She’s a free spirit and she helps him through his ordeal with creativity and conversation.
I think Dunst does a very good job with her role. Surprisingly good, really, but still, I almost feel like her role needed to go to a slightly older actress. Something about the “sageness” of the character seemed to require more maturity. But that’s probably just me, and like I said, Dunst does very well in the role.
Orlando Bloom might turn out to be the star people expected when he came out of the LOTR trilogy. Like I said before, there’s room for improvement, but he’s on his way.

Cameron Crowe does a nice job with a lot of Elizabethtown but some of it drags and some of it seems almost pointless or ineffective at the very least. But all in all Elizabethtown is a nice movie that you may find sweet and touching and sometimes even kinda funny.

B +