I'm not a real film reviewer, so I don't do research and try to learn stuff about the movies I'm gonna write about. That being said, I have a sneaking suspicion that maybe Evolution was supposed to be a "real" movie, like a sci-fi or a horror movie, but then went the way of a comedy instead.
But that's a good thing.
I hate sci-fi, so I probably wouldn't have seen it had it been a legit movie. But luckily it is a comedy, and it is funny!

Evolution stars David Duchovny and Orlando Jones as college professors that discover that a meteor has brought some alien life forms along with it when it crash landed in Arizona. Seann William Scott and Julianne Moore join our heroes in a fight against these quickly evolving aliens.

Directed by Ivan Reitman of Ghostbusters fame, the film has a pretty formulaic plot, but thanks to the chemistry between the cast, and their comic timing, it all works pretty well. A lot of it is way over the top, but that's easier to swallow since it's a comedy.
Had it not been a comedy, the special effects would have seemed kinda cheesy and stupid even.
Well, except for maybe those "dragon" looking things. They were kinda cool.

While David Duchovny is probably the biggest name in the movie, and he was pretty funny himself, I really liked Jones and Scott more. They're both very funny and I really hope to see them again soon.
Julianne Moore actually lends herself to comedy nicely as well.
I remember seeing her in Nine Months, a romantic comedy I liked a lot, but for the most part she's a dramatic actress, and quite an intense one at that.
Just check out her great performances in Magnolia and Boogie Nights if you need proof.

So yeah, Evolution is nothing out of this world, no pun intended, but it is a fun, enjoyable movie that'll make you laugh in all the right places.