A nomad if you will
Born far from his home
Was soon to take flight
And feel out of place
For the rest of his life

My birth is a mistake!
I donít wish to live!
I am too afraid to die!
I am a mistake!
Itís my fault!

I will hide in the darkness
For I donít wish to be seen
I am ugly and fat
Who would ever love me?
No gypsy, no model
Not even a mother
Would find me attractive
Who would care what I think?
I donít so why should they

Who gives a shit about happiness?
It doesnít exist, itís just a dream
Itís past midnight, the Cinderella hour if you will
See, I knew it. There is no happy ending
I am a frog but not a prince only a loser
Who would want to kiss me?
And if someone did, I will disappoint her
When she sees the real me.

Come close to me darkness!
Stay away from me demons!

I canít see where I am going!
Stay away from me light!

Where is that dammed door?
There is no way I will go through it!

The door is locked, I can t find that stupid key?
Oh wait is in my pocket
Why canít I lose it once and for all!
I hope I never do!

I want to be rescued
But I canít stand the light
I need a friend but I trust no one.
My shadow haunts me and never lets go
He is not my friend thatís for sure
Who is my friend? Not me, thatís for sure.

- A friend June 26, 2002