I hate violence. No really. I mean I know I'm an "Angry Young Man", or as some may qualify me, an "Angry Old Fuck", but I really do hate violence. Both fictional and real. Call me a wimp. Whatever. And so usually, I avoid violent movies.

So why did I go see Fight Club? Well, two words: David Fincher.
David Fincher directed Alien 3. Big deal. He directed The Game. Pretty cool, but I didn't really like it. Hell, he even directed Madonna's "Vogue" video! But much more importantly than all that...
David Fincher directed Seven.
Seven practically traumatized me. I had never seen anything as dark or disturbing as Seven, and damn it, I liked it!

So now, here comes Fight Club. A VIOLENT movie. A disturbing movie. Quite frankly a weird movie.
It stars two great actors, Brad Pitt (HEY, he was in Seven too!) and Edward Norton. It also features Helena Bonham Carter, who I've always liked...mostly because I still think she'd be perfect as Death. But hey, I have issues...
Brad Pitt is really a great actor. Damn shame he's so unnattractive to the ladies, cause this guy could really go places! Edward Norton is also a very good actor. He managed to make you care about his character, even though, well, he's rather troubled.
Shockingly enough, I think it may have been Meat Loaf (yeah, him!) who steals every scene he's in. Well, him and his accessories...

So, did I like Fight Club. Um, no, I really can't say that I enjoyed this movie. It left me feeling rather bleak, and I didn't really accept some of it. Maybe it didn't help that I was unsure if I'd see the movie at all, and to make things worse I was in a really bad mood right before seeing it. (SHOCKER, eh?) I guess I could say that if you didvided the movie into Part One and Part Two, then I DID enjoy Part One.
All that being said, David Fincher DOES routinely achieve moments of Genius during this movie. Visually it is an AMAZING movie. There are also some genuinely funny moments, which help with such a depressing (to me anyway) movie.
SO, for unbridled kinetic energy, great acting, and some amazing directing, by all means, go see this movie.