Dave Sheridan was one of the best things about SCARY MOVIE, so I was curious to see what his future would bring.
OUCH…if Frank McKlusky, C.I. is a glimpse into this young man's future, he may as well quit show business and go flip burgers some where.

Yeah, I think this movie is THAT bad.
Easily one of the worse things I've paid good money to see, and considering some of the crap I see, that's saying a lot.

That's not to say that there isn't anything likable about this flick.
There was some good in it. For example.
Randy Quaid just has a funny face, so whenever he's in a comedy, it's just funny by default. And Dolly Parton…interesting casting, right? I actually read somewhere that Sheridan kept hugging her for no real reason. Can you blame him? Anyway, she's kinda sweet. And Orson Bean. Orson Bean? Weird casting. The movie didn't really work, but they sure went a different route than most, right? Anyway, he's kinda fun. Kevin Farley…the late Chris Farley's brother, was pretty funny too.
Then there's Cameron Richardson. Wow, what a cute "hot girl next door" sweetie she turned out to be, huh? There are also some smaller roles, and cameos that I find to be kinda cool, but I won't mention them, you know, just in case somebody actually plans to see this movie.

Then there's Joanie Laurer. It's funny, because I had no idea she was in this movie. In fact, just the other day I was talking to my pal Joey, he of a real movie website called JOEY THE FILM GEEK, about how Joanie Laurer had all but disappeared. And it's ironic too. The World Wrestling Federation used to have a "diva" name of Sable whose real name was Rena Mero and she posed for Playboy and was extremely popular and then she left the WWF and basically disappeared. Then Joanie, better known as the WWF's Chyna, basically did the exact same thing…the Playboy, the departure from the WWF, and now has seemingly followed Mero into obscurity. But at least she got this small, kinda painful to look at part in this movie, which should be on video shelves by the time you read this.

Shame too.
Dave Sheridan actually co-wrote the story, and there is a story. It may be kinda flimsy, but there is a nucleus of a story, and Sheridan is funny, but just seems like too much of a Jim Carrey clone. Even physically, he sort of looks like the illegitimate love child of Carrey and Bruce Campbell. Scary.
I think Sheridan may indeed still have a future, but he may have to leave this movie off his resume in order to secure it.