frailty – N. moral weakness

Consider this a spoiler if you will, but it really isn’t, because if you’ve seen the commercials for Frailty you know that it’s about a man who’s told by God that he must destroy demons that live among humanity.
That alone makes this movie a real horror show, because that kind of stuff really can happen, and occasionally does. Religious zealots can become so fanatical that people need to die just because they do not “believe”, or in extreme cases, might even be considered “demons”.
But Frailty is even more disturbing than I could have imagined, and while I can’t say I enjoyed it, I have to say it’s an excellent film.

Kudos to Bill Paxton for his acting, and for his fine directorial debut. He does a great job in a surprisingly gentle and understated performance in front of the camera, and actually behind it as well. It’s not really an “in your face” movie. Instead it creeps slowly into your head, making it all the more disturbing.
It’s been a long time between directing gigs for Paxton, whose only other directing experience is the wacky Fish Heads video from Yello in the early 80’s.
Oh sing it with me, won’t you?
“Fish heads, fish heads
Roly poly fish heads
Fish heads, fish heads
Eat them up, yum”

Kudos as well to Matthew McConaughey for a great performance. He too is rather understated, but with an impressive amount of quiet intensity. Very good job.

A very impressive performance is also given by young Matthew O’Leary. I’m not sure how old he is, but he had a very difficult role and pulls it off wonderfully. The younger brother is played by Jeremy Sumpter, who also did great, but O’Leary stands out.
Paxton definitely got some great performances out of his cast.

Frailty was written by Brent Hanley, and he definitely keeps it interesting. The movie is never boring, and though it’s not perfect, it is satisfying. It’s an intelligent movie, with only one thing I could have done without. Overall I’d say this movie rocks, and if “disturbing” is your thing, you just gotta see it.