I know people who have on occasion, seen things.
Felt things.
When they've told me about such situations, I guess I believe them, but I sometimes pass it off as if they just have very good imaginations.

In The Gift, Cate Blanchett plays a woman in a small Southern town with the ability to see and feel things; A psychic, a medium, a fortune teller, call her what you will.
Of course with the great power comes great responsibility, so having this gift comes at a price for Blanchett's character, Annie Wilson. She unwillingly becomes involved in a murder mystery, with fairly surprising results.

Cate Blanchett is a revelation. This actress is just amazing. She was the British title character in Elizabeth, a New Jersey wife in Pushing Tin, which starred among others Billy Bob Thornton, who co-wrote The Gift, and here plays a Southerner, all with flawless accents. Beyond the gift for dialect, she has a very expressive face, and she just pulls you in with every performance.

This movie also features Keanu Reeves in a surprising role for him, complete with a slightly different look. Greg Kinnear , Hilary Swank, Gary Cole, Katie Holmes, and her apparently customized breasts are also in the film. They are all fine in their roles, but one person stole this movie.
Giovanni Ribisi is awesome. When it comes to playing sick, troubled or demented people, he's just great! Here playing the role of Buddy, the town mechanic, he puts on an acting clinic on dysfunctional characters. I don't know if he'll ever be a "leading man" in Hollywood, (he has had leading roles in smaller, independent flicks I've caught on video) but rest assured he can hold his own with any actor working today.

The Gift was directed by Sam Raimi, and his work here is effective. It's hardly a brilliant movie, or even a thoroughly original one, at times it's very reminiscent of Robert Zemekis' What Lies Beneath, but it is a good film, with some surprises and a great cast.
The Gift was a little slow at times…I hope Raimi was just saving his energy…
His next film is the long awaited big screen version of Spider-Man.
Fanboys every where are foaming at the mouth in anticipation…