I saw The Guru around 12:30 PM on the day that America saw it’s second shuttle disaster, the explosion of the “Columbia”.
I had mixed feelings about having a normal day on the same day of a National tragedy, but in the end I decided there was nothing I would accomplish by sitting in front of the TV and watching the in depth coverage.
I certainly mean no disrespect to anyone, and I’m sorry for all involved and that once again America (and Israel) has another tragedy to overcome.


Wow, what a shitty little movie.
Rarely have I been so entertained by such stupidity.

The Guru seemed like it would be kinda funny, and it was, but it also was a little too much. Why Heather Graham and Marisa Tomei would even appear in this film is beyond me, but I’m glad they were since they were both very good, and kinda yummy to look at too.
Jimi Mistry, a complete unknown to me, plays the title role. He’s from India (which to me makes him an Indian, but apparently they’re supposed to be referred to as Asians?) that comes to America to become a star, but other things end up happening.
Things that even involve porn!

It’s all formula comedy stuff, with a little bit of Bollywood wackiness thrown in with a pretty funny result. Have you ever seen any of that Indian television stuff late at night?
You know, where everybody sings and dances and the girls always have really hot bodies and bare midriffs (I think these ladies invented “belly shirts” and belly piercing! We are forever in their debt.) and sing with scarily high pitched voices.
Well there some of that in the movie, so knock yourself out.

So I guess The Guru was pretty bad, yet somehow funny.
But just wait for the rental…

C +