Hancock is a flawed movie, but I have to say, I like what they did with it. I just wish they would have done more…

The movie stars Will Smith as John Hancock, a reluctant, antisocial “super-hero”. He’s hated by the people he protects because of his destructive ways and his apathy, and really, for being an asshole. But don’t call him that. When he hooks up with an earnest PR man, Jason Bateman, Hancock slowly turns it around. But Bateman’s wife, Charlize Theron, wants nothing to do with the troublesome anti-hero.

Will Smith is the man. We knew that already. He was incredible in I AM LEGEND, and this is a similar role, in that he plays a lonely soul all alone. The role is less dramatically challenging though, and Smith gets plenty of chances to be funny. He really is a great leading man.

The more I see of Jason Bateman, the more I like. He’s very appealing and very real in his roles. He works great with both Smith and Theron.
Charlize Theron…is a goddess. Her beauty is astounding, but still she seems so grounded and real. And she’s a hell of an actress, to boot!

Hancock was directed by Peter Berg, and I think he did a pretty good job. Some of the action is a bit shaky, but I was into the movie enough to forgive it. The movie was written by Vincent Ngo and Vince Gilligan, who’s best known for The X-Files. I applaud the writers for creating a modern super-hero from scratch, as it were. Hancock wasn’t created for comic books, and has never graced any of that medium’s pages before this.
My biggest issue with the movie is that they go through the whole “origin / explanation” rather quickly, and without much detail. Knowing more about the main character helps him grow on you. Of course, being a little vague can open things up to prequels and sequels, so we’ll see what come from this.
I’m hoping for the best, since I’m a fanboy and the idea of well told super-hero stories obviously greatly appeals to me.

So yeah, it’s far from perfect, but Hancock is an entertaining film. Enjoy!

B +