Romantic comedies are predictable.
Heartbreakers is a romantic comedy.
Ergo, Heartbreakers is predictable.
It's a little long too. Ninety minutes is fine for fluff.

That being said, Heartbreakers is acceptably enjoyable.
Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt play a mother daughter con-team who scam rich guys for fun and profit. The "victims" the movie focuses on are Ray Liotta, Gene Hackman, and Jason Lee.

I dunno, I can't see Sigourney Weaver as a seductress. I think she's a fine actress, but I dunno, there's hotter women out there. Jennifer Love Hewitt, with all tha cleavage, and all those micro-minis, was strictly eye candy. Her acting doesn't seem to be any different than what she was doing on Party of Five a few years ago, albeit with a bitchy character this time. Still if she was just supposed to be eye candy, she succeeded…sweetly.

Ray Liotta and Gene Hackman do great jobs here. They're both really annoying characters, but damn, Hackman looks absolutely disgusting. I hope to God that was make up. Sheesh.
Also making small, but cool appearances are Nora Dunn and the great Anne Bancroft. I've always liked Dunn. She's very versatile.
And you know, I still find Bancroft strangely attractive, for like, an octogenarian?

Jason Lee is actually one of my favorite actors.
Yeah, he tends to play very similar characters, with the exception of the great Almost Famous where he did such a great job as a slightly bitter 1970's rocker. But he has this laid back attitude that just makes him seem like a really cool guy.
Here he is again, a laid back guy, but his interplay with Hewitt, or is it Love Hewitt?, works pretty well.

So in the end, Heartbreakers is nothing you haven't seen before, and again, like I've said a lot lately, this movie would probably have worked better as a 70's exploitation piece, but I guess sadly they just don't make movies like that anymore…