Every now and then I lose interest in a movie right before it comes out. Usually when thatís the case, I donít see it. But with Hollywoodland, I ended up seeing it anyway, and Iím sorry to say, I kinda wish I didnít bother.

Hollywoodland is not a bad movie, but I found it slow, long, and kind of boring, with really very little pay off. It had an intriguing premise, and very good acting, but in the end, it just didnít work for me all that well.

The premise of course is the fact based story of George Reeves, the actor that became famous as TVís Superman in the Fifties. He eventually was found dead from a shot to the head, and labeled a suicide. This movie is about an investigator trying to find out if it really was a suicide. Problem is, I donít know how much is dramatic license and how much is reality.

Adrien Brody is great as the kinda sleazy investigator. Heís always great, and here is no exception. His character is not all that likable though. Diane Lane is pretty good as a movie mogulís wife. Sheís a bit over the top, but I guess thatís how she was written. She does have one really great line where she questions whether a younger gal can blow smoke rings out of her, well itís a naughty word that starts with a ďCĒ.

Robin Tunney is also very good in what I think is a very different role for her, and Bob Hoskins, as always is great. Extremely unlikable, but great. But the best reason to see Hollywoodland is Ben Affleck. The much maligned actor really shows some great chops here, both in his portrayal of Reeves, the famous on-screen Reeves we remember, and the unknown private Reeves, who apparently was extremely frustrated with his life. Kudos to Ben, he did a great job. I hope he gets back on top of his game. And maybe does another DAREDEVIL movie. OK, I doubt thatíll happen, but itíd be cool!

So anyway, I guess thatís it. Hollywoodland didnít really do it for me, but maybe itíll do it for youÖ

B -