So I donít know how to review IdentityÖ
Itís hard to gripe about itís problems without revealing too much.
Itís hard to praise itís good parts with out giving away too much too.

So Iím gonna say that Identity encompasses three, possibly four genres, doesnít really live up to any of them individually, somehow works despite itís neurosis, but doesnít really tie together nicely in the long runÖ

I will say that the cast is very impressive, and does a nice job. I think John Cusack and Amanda Peet keep this movie from basically being a straight to video thriller. Cusack tends to make movies I donít wanna see, but heís really a great actor. I wish heíd do more movies that I care to see. (For the record, I didnít really care to see Identity, but the trailer and the blurbs and some of the online reviews I read forced me to see itÖ)
Amanda Peet should also be in better movies. She can really hold her own nicely.
Ray Liotta is always good too, but like the others I rarely see his flicks. John Hawkes is another one that needs to do more movies. He can easily be one of the best character actors working today. Another fine character actor, John C. McGinley, plays against type, but does a fine job.
One of the bigger ďhuh?sĒ in the movie was the actress who portrays an actress in the film. I knew who it was because I read too much online, but to me she was unrecognizable, and though she looked older than I remember her to, I also think she looked better than everÖ

Director James Mangold last directed KATE & LEO and two more different movies couldnít exist. Identity had strong direction, but it was very ďscary movieĒ typical at times. Still a movie set in a desolate motel during a severe rain storm is practically creepy by default, so itís all good.
It's also cool that at least three of this movie's cast have worked with Mangold before.
Screenwriter Michael Cooney defiantly displays his influences on his sleeve. While no one scene seems to be a direct rip off of another movieís scenes, overall, it looks very familiar. Still, Iím sure some people are gonna eat this movie up and beg for more.

C +