At this point, Kieran Culkin may in fact be my favorite actor. I think heís that good. So when his new film, his first real leading role, finally came around, I had to see it.
Even if it meant going to that annoying ass movie theater I hate so much. Blechhy.

Igby Goes Down is a sort of coming of age, serio-comedic tragedy flick. Itís both funny and depressing. Written and directed by Burr Steers, his first film at those positions though heís acted in a few, Igby tells the story of a slightly self destructive under achiever, played to perfection by Culkin. His is a dysfunctional family on another level.
His family is played well by Susan Sarandon, Bill Pullman, and Ryan Phillippe, with Jeff Goldblum thrown in for good measure. They all do a nice job, but Phillippeís character is very annoying.
Thereís also some nice stunt casting, with young Rory Culkin, Kieranís younger brother, (SIGNS) playing a young Igby in flashbacks.
Also thrown into the mix are Claire Danes and Amanda Peet, both of who turn in very good performances. Igby has a very strange life, and the relationship between himself and all the aforementioned is handled very well by Steers. Steersí direction is also solid, but nothing really stands out. Itís not a very visual film, with a couple of notable exceptions, but the dialogue and acting keeps you interested.

This is definitely Culkinís most adult role to date, and I think he will make the transition to the grown up world nicely, but Iíll never forget his great roles and performances in The Mighty and THE DANGEROUS LIVES OF ALTAR BOYS. Igby Goes Down should get him some recognition, and it should also put Burr Steers on the map. Itís not ďthe feel good movie of the yearĒ, but itís a good one.