Iron Man is not my favorite comic book character. Probably not even the top hundred. Hell, I donít even like him, really. But Jon Favreauís IRON MAN was a sweet unexpected surprise when it came out, so obviously I had to see the sequel. To be honest, my interest was very low going in, but Iím glad to say Iron Man 2 is a pretty cool movie.

Right off the top, I will say itís not as good as the first movie. Like I said, that one was a sweet surprise, and very enjoyable. This one is enjoyable too, thanks to Robert Downey Jr, returning as Tony Stark. Heís too good to let the movie fail. But the story isnít as strong as the first, and thereís way too much iron action going on. Metal on metal, ifín you know what I mean.

The cast is great, led by RDJ, who is so good at this role. Also, his chemistry with Gwyneth Paltrowís Pepper Potts is perfect. Don Cheadle takes over the role of Rhodey, and well, have you ever seen him not do a good job? He is a bit overshadowed by the suit, but heís solid. Scarlett Johansson plays Black Widow, but they never call her that in the movie. At least, I donít think so. I should pay more attention. I am ashamed. She was good, too. Of course Samuel L Jackson is back as Nick Fury. He was fine here, but it was only slightly more than a cameo. Jon Favreau gave his character, Happy, more screen time. Good for him. Heís always cool.

The baddies here are pretty great actors. Sam Rockwell is such a good actor, and he really brings it to his role as Justin Hammer, Tony Starkís main competition in the military business world. Heís actually likable, despite being the bad guy. Really great work, as usual.
Mickey Rourke grew on me. At first I was a little put off by his being cast in the flick, and then from the released footage of him as Whiplash (heís never called that in the flick, either). But as a character he turned out pretty cool. Well, until the big battle. Like I said, all that big metal clashing, it got a little old, imhoÖ

Written by Justin Theroux, Iron Man 2 might be a little too much at times, but overall, I enjoyed it. Even more enjoyable is the promise of more Marvel Comics movies headed our way, two of which are teased here. So be warned, stay until the very end of the final credits!

B +