I usually shy awayÖok, I usually wimp out from watching horror flicks, but the combination of Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, and Diablo Cody convinced me I should see Jenniferís Body. Written by Cody, itís really Foxís first starring role. I had seen her in a smaller role in How to Lose Friends & Alienate People, and I donít do giant robot movies, so I was curious to see how she did. OK, I also wanted to see how she looked, duh. But really, I was curious about her acting.

Fox plays Jennifer Check, a popular cheerleader type, who is best friends with Needy, played very well by Amanda Seyfried. I would actually say that this is more Amandaís movie than Foxís. She gets second billing, but she gets a lot of screen time, and thatís a good thing. Anyway, Jennifer is kind of a bitch and knows how good she looks, but then things happen, and well, she gets bitchier.

Megan Fox is pretty good in the movie. She may be a better actress than she gets credit for, since her looks get all the credit. I think however, Amada Seyfried gives the better performance here. Sheís very believable in a wide range of emotions. I never saw Mamma Mia, but I would imagine Seyfried didnít get much attention being that she shared the screen with Meryl Streep. But here she is free to shine, and does.

There are plenty of flaws with Jenniferís Body, but I enjoyed it. I think it glosses over the changes to Jennifer way too quickly. It should have been a bigger deal, but the why and how donít really work. Especially the why. I canít get into it because I donít do spoilers, but it doesnít all add up.

At least the movie looks good. Director Karyn Kusama does a nice job of capturing the high school movie look, and a decent job with the horror scenes. Megan Fox looks great normally, and even hotter when sheís not quite herself. There are a couple of times where even her stunning looks canít keep her from looking genuinely creepy. There are some cool effects, but also some rather cheesy ones. Sure, this could easily be a rental, but I think Jenniferís Body is worth a visit to the theater.
Oh, and they played the wrong Hole song, but itís my favorite Hole song, so thatís coolÖ