Go ahead an ask me to suspend my disbelief.
But don't ask me to go ahead and stick my head up my ass and expect me to like it…

That being said, in me own 'umble opinion, Jurassic Park 3…sucked.

This movie had a pretty good cast. Returning after skipping out on the original sequel is Sam Neill as Dr. Alan Grant. He's fine in the movie, but he's exactly the same from the first movie. It's as if there was no character development over the years for this guy. And he still stops in the middle of chaotic running and screaming to note behavioral characteristics of the dinosaurs. It's sad, really.
Alessandro Nivola, whom I know I heard of but don't know from where, plays Grant's assistant. Tea Leoni is in it, and basically did nothing for me.
One of my favorite actors is in JP3 too, William H. Macy. Shame on him though, for choosing $$$ over substance. Still, he's entitled to whore himself out like the rest of Hollywood. And he IS good in the movie. I don't remember him ever not being good. It's just that he's way too good for this movie.

I honestly don't see any improvements in the special effects between this movie and the first. In fact, I think this movie inexplicably looks worse than the original.
I didn't bother checking on the difference in budgets between the films, and I'm sure that Steven Spielberg can do more with less resources than Joe Johnston can.

I'm sorry, I just think this movie was way too bad. It's not fun, it's not scary, it's not intelligent and on more than one occasion, it's downright stupid.
But hey, if this too makes a mountain of money, we can all look forward to JP 4.
I'll pass…