When can a movie be really stupid, but still be great?
When it comes from the crazy little mind of Kevin Smith!

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back won't win any Oscars, but if you've seen Smith's previous films, and you like to see Hollywood, and maybe society in general get skewered, then you will laugh. A lot.
Kevin Smith again writes and directs this crazy movie which stars the stoner-slacker characters, Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Smith himself) who first came on the scene back in Clerks, Smith's indie hit from the early Nineties.

There are a lot of people in this movie, from the lesser known stars of Clerks, to now huge stars which shall remain nameless here, even though they appear in the trailers and ads for the film.
There was so much going on with so many people, that you actually get the feeling at times it was all just a big party. Smith's a great dialogue writer, but I think there was plenty of ad-libbing going on. It doesn't always work…there are times where the jokes just fall fast and loud, but then the next minute something else will happen and you just find yourself laughing despite yourself.

This movie is definitely not for the little ones. At times the dialogue even made me blush, OK? It's like they wanted to see how far they can go and still get an R rating or something. Some people will definitely be offended by this, but being the big dork I am, I think a joke is just that much funnier if there's a "fuck" thrown in there somewhere…
There's also a lot of sexual language and a surprisingly non-judgmental barrage of gay themed jokes.

Like I said, this movie stars Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith. I won't get into the smaller roles, some of which are really nothing more than cameos, but of the supporting cast, Shannon Elizabeth is the stand out.
For some reason, I've never really liked her much before. Whether it be as the hot foreign exchange student Nadia in American Pie and American Pie 2, or her role in Scary Movie, she just never did it for me. But for some reason, here I found her to be very good. She definitely showed a little more range here, and in fact, she can easily play the lead in a romantic comedy. I think she could carry a well written film.
And I guess it didn't hurt that she looked better than ever…

Jason Mewes also impressed me. I don't know much about him. Hell, I don't even know if he's really an actor, because to me, he just sorta is "Jay". That's the only way I've ever seen him, you know? But here, he was just drop dead hilarious. His delivery, his facial expressions…just perfect.

Yeah, Jay and Silent Bob Strike back isn't for everyone. Hell, it's probably not for most people, but it is funny. In fact, I wanna see it again to make sure I didn't miss some of the jokes.
If you're a fan of Smith's, or of "irreverent comedies" in general, you need to see this!