I guess I wanted to see K-PAX because of Kevin Spacey.
The trailer suggested the kind of character he was playing would have to be very well written and very well acted to be effective, and I'm happy to say that both Spacey and the writers delivered!

K-PAX is a hard movie to talk about without giving too much away, so this will probably be a very short, very vague review. The trailer for the film give it's basic story line; Is this guy an alien, or just certifiable? Well, K-PAX does a pretty good job of keeping you guessing.

Jeff Bridges surprised me as the doctor working with Prot. I've never really held an opinion on Bridges, and I don't really think I've seen an entire move of his with the exception of Jagged Edge. At least I think he was in that.
Anyway, I think he did a great job here.

His wife, Rachel, is played by Mary McCormack, who was on TV's Murder One, and then surprised everybody with a great performance in Howard Stern's Private Parts. She was great here. She should be a much bigger name than she is.

I'm way too lazy to find out who played all of the other mental patients, but there was some great acting there, and the characters were likable, if not too stereotypical.

But yeah, Kevin Spacey is the reason to see this film.
He's just a brilliant actor, and though I tend to dislike overly self-confident people, which I have a feeling he is, he definitely deserves all the accolades he receives.
He's perfect for this role…his smarmy delivery fits Prot perfectly.
I'm not gonna say he deserves an Oscar nomination because quite frankly, I always say that about him. He's just a great actor.

This movie is hard to nail.
It's not a comedy, but it's more than a drama. It's deep too, but accessible.
I guess the best thing for you to do is see it, and judge for yourself…