I was so ready to blast this movie up and down.
I was so ready to give it like a one line review, or maybe no review at all.
But I have to say, despite it being a bad, bad movie, Kung Pow: Enter The Fist basically does it's job. It's a parody, and it definitely does parody it's target, Asian Martial Arts movies, complete with bad editing and atrocious dubbing.

Steve Oedekerk does a pretty good job here as the writer and director and even the star of this film, though I do question that particular choice. I didn't even know he acted…he's known as a director, but I was too lazy to look up what he's done. I mean he's not bad, but I dunno, he seems kinda outta place, and quite frankly the film might have benefited from more of a name in that role. I'm probably just nit-picking here, so I'll just leave it at that.

Bottom line is that this movie is very stupid, but it does make you laugh occasionally, whether intentionally or not.
I can't say I recommend it, but if like me you're bored enough, it may not be so bad?