There's a scene in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in which the just out of the shower title character, portrayed by the luminescent Angelina Jolie, drops her towel as she walks away from her butler.
In doing so we see her back and just a teasing glimpse at the sides of her breasts. That simple scene, which is actually less graphic than what airs on network television nowadays, is much sexier than a full on nude scene by most other leading ladies. That's how stunning Angelina Jolie is. She truly is breath taking.

Besides, if you wanna see more, just check out Angelina's incredible performance, as well as all the rest of her, in Gia, available on video and DVD.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is based on an extremely popular video game, where the pixelated heroine won the hearts of very horny boys of all ages. The game's popularity led to more games, and a successful comic book line with the red hot Top Cow Productions, whose Witchblade is now a TV series on TNT.
Of course a movie was inevitable.

And of course, while not inevitable, the likelihood of a movie based on a video game being bad is almost just as sure.
What, you don't remember Super Mario Bothers or Double Dragon?
Me neither, thank God, but they're out there, and they scare me.

Well, all in all this movie isn't that bad. There are certain elements that make it slightly above the standards of the genre, but for the most part, it's all style and very little substance.

I won't really bother to get into the plot, and while I will mention that there is the requisite sidekick of sorts, an over the top cliché villain, and a love interest, and I won't bother to get into who plays those roles.
Aside from Angelina, the only other performance I will mention is that of her father in the film, played by her real life father, Jon Voight.
Two Academy Award winners in the family. Not a bad set of genes, eh?

But of course this movie is all about Angelina Jolie. As her performances go, it's not her best, but then she probably hasn't been given this little to work with since Cyborg 2. Still, it's a nice performance, and she handles her British accent admirably.
At the risk of sounding chauvinistic, it's amazing to me that such an amazingly beautiful and sexy woman can also be this great actress, but Angelina really is.
This role won't really win her any awards, except for maybe an MTV award next year, but it still makes Lara Croft: Tomb Raider worth watching.